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The Pirate's Booty II: The Lost Ship - Room Escapers Boston

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Que bo que és iniciar gent en el món del room escape!! Amb els compis de feina hem anat just al costat de Haymarket, al centre de Boston, a jugar The Pirate's Booty II: The Lost Ship, la segona part de Room Escapers Boston.
La segona part d'una història de pirates. Una sala prou ben ambientada, amb una història plena de sentit si segueixes el manual que t'ofereixen, cosa que no vam fer... gràcies que un pirata "colega" ens va anar ajudant amb missatges embotellats. I finalment vam aconseguir el gran tresor!!

It always feels good introducing new people to the Room Escape World!! I just went with some coworkers to one next to Haymarket in Downtown Boston and played "The Pirate's Booty II: The Lost Ship" which is the second in the series of Room Escapers Boston. This game had a good atmosphere and a story that made a lot of sense if you followed along in the provided manual. We did not pay much attention to the manual, but lucky for us there was a friendly pirate spirit who sent us some messages in a bottle. At the end we found the treasure and made it back to the hut to avoid the oncoming storm!

Temàtica: A sequel to our original game that transports you to Cape Cod Treasure Hunter’s temporary excavation hut on an island. The shipwrecked Whydah is resting right outside our door, and we need your help to find the Captain’s lost treasure chest! With a brand new set and puzzle design, it’s time to come back and finish what you started when you found the treasure map! Located in our original location that is just over 1000 Sq Ft, this isn’t your typical small escape room adventure! We allow up to 70 minutes for this adventure

http://www.roomscaper.es/2015/08/vocabulari.htmlhttp://www.roomscaper.es/2015/08/vocabulari.html http://www.roomscaper.es/2015/08/vocabulari.html
El millor :) Tenen un sistema de puntuació, que a part d'aconseguir el gran botí, hi ha tot d'enigmes paral·lels que t'ajuden a trobar sacs de monedetes per augmentar la puntuació final.
El pitjor :( Haver de tenir de referència tota l'estona el manual. 

The Best :) Besides the main story, there are some side games to find several coin bags that will raise your total score at the end of the game.
The Worst :( The manual is a big part of the game and if you use the messages in the bottle all the time you lose points.
Exactly... where's the poop Deck??

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